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Canyon Title

Notary Requirements

What are our Notary requirements?

  1. Current year E&O insurance
    • Must have $250,000.00 minimum coverage to meet our underwriters’ requirements. Please also consider that there are some lenders that require signing agents to have a minimum of $500,000.00 coverage.
    • For a notary company (multiple notaries under one policy), minimum is $1,000,000.00
    NOTE – you can obtain E&O Insurance from most any insurance carrier; Canyon Title cannot recommend a company, or direct you on obtaining the proper amount of E&O coverage.
  2. Current background check with fingerprinting. Need detailed report.
  3. Current notary certificate
  4. Resume
    Include years of signing experience, how many signings you’ve done and what types (refinance, purchase, reverse mortgage, etc) – rough estimate is fine.
  5. Notary Expectations acknowledged (on application)
  6. Your fee sheet and general area of operation/travel

    Our standard payment schedule is as follows (these are negotiable):
    • Refinance: $125
    • Full purchase: $150
    • Buyer side purchase with loan: $125
    • Seller side or cash buyer side: $75
    • Reverse mortgage: $125
  7. Provide any foreign languages you speak
  8. Note any days/times you are absolutely unavailable

Please return ALL of the above items – IN ONE EMAIL to: [email protected], [email protected]
Once all requirements are received and reviewed/approved, you will be added to our network for our closing team to utilize.

Please Note: Canyon Title cannot advise you on where to obtain the proper E&O coverage, background checks, etc. That is YOUR responsibility.