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Why choose Canyon over the rest? Our financial strength, communication and professionalism are all important... but it’s the team & family culture we’ve created that sets us apart, and it all starts at the top. Not only do they truly care about their team, but they're also ready to jump in and assist on difficult transactions, guiding our skilled title and escrow professionals along the way. Having them involved in the day to day operations of Canyon ensures we keep the needs of our clients the at the forefront of our business, and allows us to be flexible problem solvers for you.

Jennifer (JZ) Zandell

Arizona State Lead

Jennifer (JZ) Zandell

Originally from New York, I moved to the Valley of the sun in 1983. I grew up in Arcadia and have raised my children, now 17 & 19, in NE Phoenix. I have been working in the Real Estate Space for most of my career. With 18 years within the Mortgage Space, both wholesale and retail divisions, then transitioning to Title in 2012. This industry has allowed me the freedom to earn a great living, while still finding balance as a Mother, Yoga teacher and allowing time for continued personal growth.

I pride myself on the ability to navigate this industry with knowledge and anticipate the needs of my clients and strategic partners. Our industry is an ever-moving target and the need to be malleable is essential in my opinion. Being agile has allowed me to find continued success in our industry.

My focus is always about “people first”, I truly believe in humanity. Being a guide to finding your “WHY”, passion, motivation, and path within your personal and business life. I believe in partnerships, not just business relationships, finding the holes that may exist within your business and finding outside of the box solutions together, while creating momentum and visibility within your sphere.

We have been on the hunt for a company that truly puts people first, before market share, before revenue and before position. A company that believes in finding the right person and then the right seat. A company that offers global vision, with a grounded plan to reach goals, service clients with the highest level of care, and an Executive team that all work together towards the same vision. Hard to believe I know; it exists, and I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible company.

I look forward to connecting with you and learning how we can support each other and grow together.

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AZ Escrow Team

Escrow Officer

Jan Freier

Born in Alexandria Minnesota where I lived until I was 14, making my way to Arizona by way of North Dakota in 1999. My family is the focus of my life, which includes my mother, who I am a full-time caretaker to, my dog and my extended family. I love exploring novel places and hope in the future, time will allow for much more travel and new experiences.

I began my career in this crazy business of ours as an assistant to a Mortgage Broker. After getting a taste for the business, I tried my hand in many areas including time Shares. While working in timeshares, a colleague began working with First American Title, she encouraged me to apply, and the rest is history. I then moved to Prescott, working with Capital Title, where I learned the ins and outs if Title & Escrow. Moving back to Phoenix 8 years ago, I worked with Empire West Title. I recently accepted a position with Canyon Title Agency of Arizona and am beyond excited to share my knowledge, experience and passion with my new team and clients. I have been in Title & Escrow for 20 years, through all the ups and downs I still love every moment of it.

I am very dedicated to my clients and loyal to a fault, I am told. I am grateful for the privilege of working with my clients long enough to call them my friends.

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Escrow Assistant

Jordan Capps

Coming from Southern California to my home in the Valley has brought so many wonderful opportunities to my family and me. As a personal token I love cars, video games, and dogs. I bought my first car at 18, and since then have managed to buy one of my dream cars, a 2019 Mustang GT. My three dogs Marley, Bentley, and Ghost bring a light to my life I have not found anywhere else. My mother is a wonderful woman who has not only been two parents to me but has taught me everything I know even though she thinks I never listen to her because I was playing games with my friends. One thing I really learned from my mom is that honesty, trust, and hard work can take you far in life.

I am young and still learning how to maneuver this world we live in as most of us are no matter how experienced in life we may feel. Luckily, I am blessed to work with such a wonderful team that is teaching me good habits early so that I can be successful in this industry for many years to come.

My goal with every connection I make is to build a trusting relationship. I am actively building my portfolio in this industry as I have just under a year of experience. However, my experience in the work field alone has been all customer service for the past six years. This experience enables me to really hear my clients and what they need from me so that I can provide them with not only quality work, but a friendly face to help them through the stress that is this real estate world we are all in.

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Sales & Marketing Support

Dominic King

Born in Suffolk, England, raised in Norfolk. I recently moved to Arizona from Colorado, where I spent the last 12 years of my life. I cannot believe I traded a few months of the cold, wet snow for months of 110+ heat, but I’m not complaining. I recently rescued a little 10-week-old kitten, I have given her the name of Bijou. So cute. After leaving the UK, I was grateful to have traveled and experience diverse cultures, from living in Guam for 2 years, then experiencing my father's culture in Samoa for some time, now living in the states.

I am new to the Title and Escrow industry. I had previously been a Quality Inspection Specialist for an Aerospace company, before that I crafted 3D Printer Filament, and before that I built 112m (about the length of a football field) Wind Turbines. I am currently supporting our Marketing team well as our Escrow team. I’m enjoying learning and experiencing new things as well as building relationships with a goal to keep building within this wonderful company led by a handful of great people.

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AZ Title Team

Executive Assistant

Alex Peterson

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Alisa Peterson

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Branch Support Lead

Viola Mills

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Escrow Officer

Tommy Mills

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